Support Homeless Veterans

All profits go to Cockrell House to house homeless veterans.

There is an estimated 3000 homeless veterans in Canada. Studies show that many veterans do struggle in transitioning to civilian life, and those that do end up on the street often become homeless 10 years after releasing from the military. This is where Cockrell House comes in. Cockrell House is an 11-bed multiplex in the greater Victoria area that provides safe transition housing and services to homeless Veterans. Many of the Veterans that Cockrell House serves struggled with post traumatic stress disorder and operational stress injuries. These injuries often lead to a breakdown in social and family lives and can lead to drug addiction if not properly treated and supported. Cockrell House offers a warm bed, counselling, life skills, health and social services and transportation. Since 2009, they have helped over 50 veterans get back on their feet. Please purchase one of our Homeless Hero decals and support those that sacrificed everything so selflessly for us.